a strong and steady baseline...

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Sipping on some extra love as I prepare to leave for the annual doTERRA convention in Salt Lake City!
As someone who is easily overwhelmed by traveling and events, I have figured out some beneficial rituals to ease my way during these times.  

I am no expert by any means, and this list is always developing and shifting as I grow and refine. Below are my most beloved rituals for a healthy mind and body while preparing for, experiencing, and recalibrating from large events.

  1. Cutting out caffeine:  
    This is an easy way for me to provide myself with a steady and strong baseline. Switching to herbal infusions helps my nervous system chill, and is made even more grounding in a handmade mug!
  2. Nourishing real food:  
    While I normally prioritize whole real homemade food, it becomes even more important to stay on eating well, and my mind and body are rewarded.  Simple, whole, vibrant and nutrient dense is my aim.  
  3. Juicing celery and cucumber with mint and basil.  
    I do this a few times a week prior to a large event.  While I am uncertain about the medicinal properties of celery and cucumber, I do notice that I feel more vibrant, hydrated, and calm after juicing.  
  4. Oils oils oils:  
    doTERRA's Aromatouch diluted and applied to my limbs and back of neck, melts away any tension.  To stay present and grounded, I blend a drop of Patchouli and Sandalwood and wear on my ankles and sacrum. When I need an extra dose of calm, I use the Breathe rollerball across my chest and on my palms to cup and breathe in  (deep big breaths are so necessary for calming) ... need oils still?  Connect with me to get started!
  5. Stillness and openness:  
    I love to go deeper to get softer with practicing more yin yoga (if you don't have a local teacher, I highly recommend YogaGlo for this) and meditation (I use the Insight Timer app) in preparation for an event and to help recalibrate when I return home.  While I am traveling, legs up the wall and my mantra meditation are simple and effective in providing me a rooted and stable space to flow from.
  6. Movement: 
    More walking and stretching, less sitting.  So simple, chose physical movement over just sitting there.  Always.
  7. Writing it all out:  
    When I am overwhelmed I retreat into my head (overanalyzing and judgmental and fearful), writing helps me move the mental clamor around and out.  Writing out morning pages (Artist's Way) is one of the most purifying and clarifying, thus sacred rituals for my health.  Not writing for anyone, just letting go and spilling.  It's hardly beautiful or eloquent, but always illuminating.

The biggest reward of sticking with these rituals is that they allow space for me to be most gentle with myself and tune into my true needs and nourish them.  I hope you find something on my list that will be of benefit to your and your health.

Big breath in and exhale the love.