our bodies are amazing...

Two years ago I broke my nose teaching yoga.  Helping a sweet student into handstand, she kicked up at the same second someone called my name... so she kicked up and I broke concentration and looked up.. and CLOCK!  Bam.  Ouch.  Broken nose.  Days later, I finally got in to see a surgeon who reset my nose.  I will spare you the traumatic retelling, let's just say I thought I was getting rhinoplasty and what I received was needles up nostrils and an adult's full body weight pressed onto my nose in an intense experience for which I remained wide awake and alert for.  

To say the very least... it taught me a lot.

  • Wearing a nose cast -- What other people think of me is none of my business.
  • Traumatic nose correction -- Ask questions.  Get clarity.  Never feel silly to ask what's going on.. and VOICE concerns!
  • Breaking the nose -- Pay attention to the matter at hand.  (and when helping someone give them your full attention)

So, why do I bring this up today?  Because today, two years later from this resetting, my nose randomly bruised.  I didn't hit it, or even bump it.  At 2:00 this afternoon, while I was talking on the phone with my mama, I glanced in the mirror and saw circles under my eyes and a deep bruise forming exactly where my nose was broken.  It doesn't hurt... it's just a bruise.

God knows why.  Maybe it is mere coincidence.  Maybe its my body finally processing trauma.  Any way I look at it,  I think, WOW.. our bodies are amazing!  

Our natural state is one of healing and nothing short of death keeps the body from trying to mend and care for itself.  Doing its best with what it has available.  

I should remember that.  I am doing my best with what I have available, and so is everyone else.

Such a beautiful reminder.